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At CMAS, there is a class for everyone!  In addition to being the #1 Competitive Cheer Gym in Columbia, we also excel in tumbling and recreational cheer classes.  CMAS, where EVERYONE is a star!

Our Gym features a Full size competition floor, 36ft X 42ft dead mat, 30ft tumble track leading into resi pit, 20 ft ceilings, and in house award winning choreography!


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At CMAS, we offer classes for all age and skill levels!


Our Recreational Classes provide an incredible experience for kids to make new friends, to be a part of a team activity and to learn valuable life skills as an individual and team member.  Classes are kept small to make sure that all of the attention is centered on the student.  You can also combine classes to get even more experience and time in the gym. Recreational Cheerleading Classes are for any child 3 years of age or older.


Join our competitive teams for fun and excitement. We travel to several competitions throughout the year and build amazing athletes! Click the box below for more information.


Our tumbling classes are coached by USASF certified coaches. Athletes can pick the best class by choosing from levels 1-5. Click the box below for more information.


Central Missouri All Starz are an USASF Official Member and coaches are certified.

United States All Star Federation

Athlete Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our Athlete’s and Parents say:

 Natalie is flipping into year 7!! Her form, her confidence, her love of cheer comes from that place in pink, according to her mom. She has been at CMAS since year 1, she was about to turn 5. Here we are 7 years later, she’s moving into middle school and she loves cheer now more than ever! It’s not all sunshine and roses, but hard work and dedication are what she has learned along the way. #thinkpink #cmascheer

Being at CMAS, I have created bonds with people that I would never met and as well as the families that are at CMAS. Many of the parents at CMAS I consider as my parent. When I joined CMAS I did not know that I would have such a big second family in my life. The parents at CMAS have done so much for my little sister and I. Not only the parents but the coaches that are there have always been a big part of my life. Morgan and the gym that she has created has shaped me into a person that I am proud to be. I will always have a place to call home at CMAS and I know that they will always accept me with open arms every time I walk into that gym door.

– Karley B.

It was a hard decision for us being that Milha is 2 yrs old, but when she told us she wants to do “nastics” as she calls it we kept her there. She LOVES “nastics”, she didn’t know how to turn a flip when she started BUT now we can’t get her to stop turning flips at home, stores etc.!

– Toyia

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